Friday, 27 February 2015

Inspiration || Teo & Steven

For those who didn't know, I also lecture at Manchester School of Art on the Textiles in Practice course. Fortunately for me, I'm constantly surrounded by inspirational art & design. A few weeks ago I strolled into the lobby only to find this huge two story high vibrant wall installation. There was no other option, the brains behind the master piece had to be picked!
After much research (mostly on instagram - #manchesterschoolofart) I tracked down Teo Klein-Velderman & Steven Yates, the final year Fine Art students working as a partnership in order to create these striking pieces.

So off I went to the fine art studios to meet these two cheeky chappy's, so relaxed in their work space as if they were sat in their own living rooms. Even their approach to designing an art piece is extremely casual, Teo takes a photo of the canvas on his iPhone then applies where the colour could possibly go using an app.

Laid back they may be (although I've not seen them in action during the lead up to an assessment?!) it's evident that these two students currently living in Fallowfield are passionate about what they do. Each canvas has sentimental value, paints are mixed in order to achieve the optimum palette and careful consideration is taken whilst constructing the composition. It's safe to say this design duo is going somewhere. Their 'for sale' page has been permanently placed on my desktop and if your bare walls are in need of a colour injection I suggest you take a look too.



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