Wednesday 13 March 2024

Spring Lookbook 2024

Spring - The time for new beginnings

I absolutely LOVE bringing blooming twigs, plants and flowers into my studio. Being surrounded by the changing season really inspires the way I think.

I got this cute little set of 6 mini vases from the cutest little flower shop in Marlow. Filled with tiny bits of white blossom, it's become the perfect backdrop for my spring lookbook.

This sequience of images was sent out in my newsletter and also gave subscribers the chance to shop the new Lacquer pink bubble gum phone case first. 


Sunday 3 March 2024

Chloe Fall 2024 || Backstage

Everyone is talking about the new Chloe collection, when I first saw it, I too thought . . . WOW!
It's not even spring yet and I'm ready to throw myself into boho chic as soon as Autumn starts appear!
EVERYTHING grabs me about this range, the colour pallet, the use of heavy metals in the accessories and the oversized glasses. 
The frills, the knit, the swirly Chloe lettered belts. I want it all!
It's the first time I've thought I'd like to actively go and have a look at this range in the flesh just to be in it's presence!

Images found at WWD


Saturday 10 February 2024

The Bow Bag Journey - LIVE!

When we kicked off 2024, I decided to embark on a new journey: The Bow Bag

I've done a bow style bag before and LOVED it, it sold out and I've always wanted to go there again but then along came Arthur. After dwelling on it night after night and adding it to my list of goals to work on this year . . . it's time!

I wanted to have fun with the whole manic process, so decided to document the journey right from the start. I'm inviting you all in to see what the process entails and also a realistic timeline of how it works from start to finish . . . in my case  . . . forever! The process is usually long because it has to be spot on.
For the first time, I'm putting it out there and just having fun with it. At present, 4 segments of the journey are live on my insta, get up to speed and check out the inspiration behind the ideas so far:

T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N

Heavily inspired by my love of packaging and online orders arriving tied up with a beautiful bow, this bag design is so far leaning towards being an elegant shoe box! But all could change  . . . . It's very early days . . .