Saturday, 13 October 2018

Autumn Activities || Under the floral spell

A U T U M N . . . . Oh how I love you!!! 
Inspired by Country Livings article by Bea Andrews on autumn arrangements, I decided to make the most of the season and create an autumnal wreath. 
Taking advantage of the seasonal blooms up for grabs at my in-laws farm, off I went to collect cuttings of autumnal coloured flora. 

Good haul! 

My desk for the weekend :-)

Be sure to keep hydrated!

The importance of staying hydrated . . . . 

I used stripped back willow branches to craft the foundation of the wreath as they are quite bendy. A bucket came in handy to manipulate and shape the wreath, using gardening wire to secure the structure.

Is it cheating? I'm not sure?! To give the wreath longevity, I purchased a faux ivy vine. When the real blooms start to turn, the vine will still look vibrant.

Start adding blooms, carefully wrap them around the wreath foundation. Securing with gardening wire as you go. 

I loved the sunset colours of this faux bloom on the left, it matched beautifully with the vibrant orange berries picked from the garden 

A cuppa and a bowl of crisps . . . living the dream!

Similar to my method whilst working on print designs, I like to work on two pieces at the same time. You can take your eyes away from one and come back to it refreshed with a new perspective.

The finished products! 

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, 27 September 2018

All that Glitters || Santorini black sands

Because who doesn't love a collection of bright bubblegum pink loungers?!
The new pink sequin glitter clutch bag with embossed heart & tassel.

Perissa beach // Santorini

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Manchester Stay-Cation || King Street Townhouse

Sometimes the ultimate vacation, is a  . . . STAYcation! 

When my gal Kate said she'd be home from London for a whirlwind visit we randomly felt like doing something other then our usual afternoon tea. 
The weather was super hot so we decided on an overnight stay at King Street townhouse, they have a rooftop infinity pool with a view of Manchester . . . and whilst lounging in the pool the waiters happily serve you champagne . . . decision made. 

Around every corner lay a new Instagram dream! The textiles and furnishings were luxurious, vibrant but classic.
Like so many of the buildings around the upper King Street Conservation area and the back streets of the Northern quarter, you can't help but think you've momentarily been transported to down town New York. 

We grabbed a bite to eat in the King Street tavern and then eventually headed up to the rooftop pool. It's safe to say that neither of us wanted to leave this idyllic gem during the Manchester heat wave.

King Street Townhouse10 Booth Street, Upper King Street, M2

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Island Life || The tassel tipper travel essential

The Island Life print design is minimal, monochrome and adds a tropical twist to your daily style. Embellished with light mauve purple and black tassels, this zipper pouch bag is printed with the tropical silhouette of a Maldivian island. 
The pouch is the perfect size to stow your essentials inside - think your phone, sunscreen and hotel key when heading to the beach, or a lipstick and cards for dinner.
Shop the new island life tassel zipper pouch bag here: