Friday, 20 July 2018

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Visual Travel Diary || Maldives

I pick up so much inspiration for my design work whilst travelling. 
An absolutely huge amount of photos were taken on my recent trip to the Maldives. One of the monochrome landscape images below has already been turned into a new print collection called 'Island Life' which you can see here.

Visual travel diary:

Friday, 29 June 2018

Rianna Phillips X Style Diary - Maldives Mania

 On an overcast morning it was finally cool enough to take a stroll around Kuramathi Island.
When I say cool, it was still extremely humid. To avoid Monica hair, a ballerina bun became a daily essential.
 A bikini and a cover up was perfect.
I wore this Ethel & Mo embroidered tassel blouse to death! Great for walks and also paired with jeans for evening cocktails.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wedding in the Woods || In Pictures

O U R  W E D D I N G  I N  T H E  W O O D S


Everyone says it's the most magical day you'll ever experience and it really was!
When my in-laws moved into a farm property within the Staffordshire Moorlands, I saw the barns in their land . . . wedding perfection!
I new the farm and woodland would be an excellent wedding venue but little did we know the process of creating the perfect wedding venue would be such a crazy and epic journey! 

In a matter of months, the barns were converted into a rustic and beautiful function area. Everyone worked tirelessly day and night, everyone went above and beyond to help bring the dream day together and from scratch, a unique and fantastic day was crafted and created. 

The theme 'wedding in the woods' was well and truly embraced. The tables were up-cycled from massive wooden cable drums and an expert was drafted in to skilfully oversea the task. A felled tree (recycled from the in-laws landscaping business) was casually placed in the entrance area by tractor (a day or so before the wedding!). The wedding cakes were placed upon disk shaped tree segments and the flowers were traipsing and trailing as if they'd been cascading around the venue for years.

Unfortunately for those around us, everyone was roped in to the process! If you had a talent, it was lovingly poured into the recipe for our big day. 

The naughty boys were at the farm every weekend building the barns. Plumbing, building, cladding, painting . . . the lot!

 My granny-in-law-to-be expertly created all the bouquets and buttonholes. 

One of my in-laws family friend just so happens to be a fabulous chef and master of cakes! So naturally we asked her to bake 4 different wedding cakes . . . cherry and coconut, plain sponge, carrot cake, toffee . . . . A cake for the day before the wedding, a cake for the day after . . . . 

The bride squad gathered one night pre-wedding to create a paper flower wall which hung in the entrance area. Mum, bridesmaids, cousins, aunties and close friends helped to hand craft hundreds of paper flowers (whilst drinking MUCH prosecco and wearing 'BrideSquad' tiaras of course).
This group shall now forever be known as 'The Flower Bitches'.

My mum, who helped to make the first initial samples of zipper pouch bags for my business and happens to be an extremely talented seamstress was tasked with hand sewing a dusty pink personalised zipper pouch bag for every bridesmaid and flower girl and the personalised bride bag which I carried throughout the day . . . . all now available to buy here

Our absolute fave local pub, where many nights were spent for a breather and beverage in the lead up to the day created a fabulous cheeseboard and also ever so kindly let us pinch their staff to man the venue.

And as for my in-laws, what can I say!!!? They project managed the whole event, put up with all obstacles and helped tackle them one by one, let us completely take over their property and temporarily turn their lives upside down!  

It honestly was one of the best days of my life!

Succulent bouquet made by the Granny-in-law

Succulent favours made by me :-)

Bridesmaid bezzies Kate, Hollie and Kate


Taking wedding photography as serious as ever . . . my sister, me and mum

Place settings designed by me. The wooden laser cut names were from Etsy seller Jaylaserdesign 

Flowers decorating the barn by Parsley and Sage

The favours, now that's another hand-made story! Designed and made by me

A few of the naughty boys. Rob (far left) told me, if you turn the confetti cones upside down . . . they become unicorn horns!!!!!

Flower girl Sadie <3

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Print design process || Behind the scenes in the Maldives

A theme that continues to occur time after time within my design method = Travel translates into print. 
It's how I love to work. People say, you can go on holiday to take time away from your business and relax . . . I took around 3000 photos of print design & inspiration images!
So here are a few images that explain the process. 
The shores of our beautiful Maldives island were scattered with coral and shells.
After taking a huge amount of photos, the shells and coral were placed back into the sea. 
I took pics of the 2 different groups and then also mixed together.
When nature supplies you with a colour pallet, it only makes the process a more exciting one :-)