Thursday, 23 June 2016

Monogram Phone Cases || Wrap, pack and snap

I've been having loads of fun documenting behind the scenes on Snapchat lately (life before snapchat . . . not sure about that?!)

If you follow me on instagram you'll be aware that monogrammed accessories have become a large part of my e-boutique this past year. Personalised phone cases are extremely poplar so I thought I'd document the process behind what happens to your orders when they are ready to be sent out. Of course the whole process was documented on Snapchat too, so follow along for a day to day view of what goes on behind the scenes here at Rianna phillips HQ

Step 1. One beautiful batch of personalised cases ready to roll! As the weather has hotted up here in the UK the palm leaf prints have been the top seller.

Step 2. Each case gets placed in a durable cardboard mailer lined in tissue paper

Step 3. The customer invoice gets folded up & attached to a cute little Polaroid snap :-)

Step 3. The whole batch looking on point so far

Step 4. Each phone case is placed inside a shiny metallic envelope and sealed with a <3  

Step 4. Detail

Step 4. Detail

Step 5. The durable cardboard mailers are closed up & sealed

Step 6. The orders are ready to post 

Step 6. The orders are ready to post

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rianna Phillips X Emily Begley

One creative mind is great but two is even better!
I love when somebody comes along with a ton of fresh ideas and Manchester School of Art graduate Emily Begley did just that. She studied 'Textiles in Practice' and along with mastering knit and print design during her 3 years, she also has a fantastic eye for art direction. 

So what did she do when I handed over a stack of clutch bags? Headed to the beach of course! A few beautiful outcomes have been a result of this photoshoot but these edits with ripped up paper are dreamy enough to create the 'High Summer' lookbook all by themselves :-)

Art Direction
Emily Begley

Kat Mannix

Abbie Parry

Friday, 3 June 2016

Flatlay || Daily Essentials

Flatlays are such a fun way to document the beauty products you're currently using, your most used accessories and also new items that are added to your daily essentials. 

I've finally got myself a pair of trainers, the hunt was on for a monochrome style and these Nikes are actually kids but I love them!

New to my day to day mix is the new style marble mini pouch bag (bottom left corner), it's my new Chanel compact holster and fits my fold up frends headphones in too :-) It's also the perfect match to the larger xl marble portfolio.