Thursday, 27 November 2014

The story of two interns

Ever wondered what it takes to become an intern in the fashion industry?
We go behind the scenes to experience the journey two of our fabulous interns Sophie and Grace experienced whilst curating The Transcendent lookbook:

S T O R Y   O F   T W O   I N T E R N S

To begin with we started researching backdrop materials, we felt iridescent and reflective surfaces related back to Rianna's primary research boards during the print design process. Pinterest became our virtual studio space as we gathered ideas for make up looks, styling, art direction and location. 
We put put the information into moodboards and presented them to Rianna in weekly meetings, these team meetings somehow ended up with lots of laughs, gossip and a whole lot of cake! Teacup in Manchester is the perfect destination for getting the group together for discussions. We highly recommend the flour-less chocolate cake! Find Teacup on Thomas street in the Northern Quarter.

When the day of the photo shoot finally arrived, Manchester’s infamous weather struck. Torrential rain hit, which really affected our attempt of an outdoor location, armed with as many umbrellas as we could carry, we tried our best to keep the models, clothes and most importantly, the bags, dry. This resulted in us looking like drowned rats for the rest of the day; well they do say working in fashion is glamorous!

Taking shelter back at the studio, we didn’t let the weather dampen our mood. We quickly got the models ready in their second looks. Whilst they were in hair and make-up we both set up the studio, using iridescent Perspex, mirrors and potted plants. As we had regularly met with our photographer Rosie Woods, she was clear on the look we were trying to create; this made the day run a lot smoother.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Home decor || Bloomingville

 Whilst walking down Portobello road, London we came off our usual track, finding ourselves on Golborne road where stands the beautiful independent store Lali Shop. Their store carries a range of eclectic beauties from all around the world such as Le Specs, Tracey Neuls, Bella Freud and the focus brand of todays article Bloomingville. 

H O M E    D E C O R
Interior styling and design is an area that greatly inspires my thought process and occasionally research into the topic accidentally turns into a shopping spree! Lali Shops selection of Bloomingville products were spot on, resulting in me leaving the store with several new objects for the home. The images below are selected from their winter catalog (found whilst perusing through inspirational interior blog Only Deco Love). Their soft dusty white porcelain and contrasting mixed metals help create a tranquil home atmosphere.

Visit Lali Shop
101 Golborne Road
London W10 5NL

All images from Only Deco Love

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Style in focus || Kate Millar

The career path into the fashion industry can start in a very similar place for many of us. Myself and Kate Millar both studied at the same university, both held down part time sales assistant jobs throughout uni, both completed a prep year in Art Foundation studies and both graduated with a portfolio of work geared up to set us off in the unpredictable and exciting trade called ‘Fashion’.
A few years on its safe to say we are still fully immersed in the fashion industry . . . and very happily too I may add!
Although our paths may be very samey, we’ve drifted down separate channels and our own personal styles have evolved from what they were once upon a time. Kates eye for high street fashion is impeccable. If I’m going on holiday and have left it to the last minute to shop a summer wardrobe, I go to Kate. She can tell me which shop has what, in what colour and how much it is. Even better she can alert me to which website is best to buy it from online. 

We caught up last week in the beautiful (and extremely windy) urban landscape of Media City where we put Kates styling skills to the test. What would she choose to style with her Rianna Phillips Affinity portfolio clutch bag? As always . . . her outfit options didn't disappoint. 

Tell us a little about your job
I work as a Menswear Fashion Designer at a suppliers in Manchester called Whispering Smith, working for a suppliers means getting to work with loads of different brands which is great as your always working on something new
What made you want to be apart of the fashion industry?
I've always been quite a creative person with a love for fashion and styling so I think it was a natural progression into design. I also have a fashion blog which I love as it helps to keep me up to date with all the latest trends and inspirations along with documenting my own outfits -

Where do you shop?
I'm obsessed with online shopping at the moment, I'd say my favourite is Missguided...they're always so up to date with trends. I'm also a big fan of Boohoo, ASOS and Miss Pap. Not to forget my favourite from the highstreet which is Topshop.

What are your go-to staple pieces in your wardrobe?
1) Black leather jacket that has a detachable fur collar. Ideal for a day to evening look and can be styled together with almost anything.
2) Gold chain necklaces...I'm getting quite a collection but love the really chunky ones which are perfect for adding an edgy look to any outfit, especially as I wear a lot of girly pastel shades.
3) Vintage denim over-sized shirts, I have so many but they're great for throwing on over a dress or co-ord for a simple and easy outfit.
4) Topshop Joni jeans, I think these could be the greatest jeans ever made, so comfy and I love the high waist fit...perfect with a crop tee.

What is your most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
I would say some of my vintage pieces but picking just 1 is so hard!! I also have a charm bracelet that was passed down to me by my Grandma, it's so beautiful and intricate...they don't make bracelets like it anymore. 

Where are your favourite places to grab a bite?
I'm a massive fan of afternoon tea and love any excuse to try out a new one...I recently went to 'The One Aldwych' in London for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea which was so fun and quirky.
Outfit 1
Trousers Misspap
T-shirt Off Dutee
Cat watch Thrift Store
 Hat Missguided 
Shoes Misspap
Black fur pom pom River Island
Leather jacket Topshop
Clutch bag Rianna Phillips
Rings & Necklace Kates own (mix of topshop and h&m) 

Outfit 2
Skirt  Missguided
T-shirt River Island
Fringed leather jacket Misspap
Grey fur pom pom River Island
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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Worn by || Love Lauren Alexa

 We love to see how customers style their Rianna Phillips products so when we saw fashion & lifestyle blogger Lauren with the Duli tote we were blown away. Lauren documents her daily style on instagram (view her profile here) alongside her minimal cool blog
Here are a few of Laurens snapshots of the Duli tote in action, shop the Duli tote here.