Saturday, 15 November 2014

Home decor || Bloomingville

 Whilst walking down Portobello road, London we came off our usual track, finding ourselves on Golborne road where stands the beautiful independent store Lali Shop. Their store carries a range of eclectic beauties from all around the world such as Le Specs, Tracey Neuls, Bella Freud and the focus brand of todays article Bloomingville. 

H O M E    D E C O R
Interior styling and design is an area that greatly inspires my thought process and occasionally research into the topic accidentally turns into a shopping spree! Lali Shops selection of Bloomingville products were spot on, resulting in me leaving the store with several new objects for the home. The images below are selected from their winter catalog (found whilst perusing through inspirational interior blog Only Deco Love). Their soft dusty white porcelain and contrasting mixed metals help create a tranquil home atmosphere.

Visit Lali Shop
101 Golborne Road
London W10 5NL

All images from Only Deco Love

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