Thursday, 26 May 2016

Northern Quarter X Personal Style

As soon as the new Kensington iKat clutch bag was completed it was instantly added to my wardrobe, in fact it didn't even get a chance to see the inside of my wardrobe. It was out and about straight away trotting around Manchester's Northern Quarter whilst I headed to meetings. It's constructed from shower proof cotton nylon, extremely useful as seconds after intern Emily snapped these pics the heavens opened.
I painted the blue washed iKat print in the studio, scanned it in and digitised the painting to become a really photographic and texturised print for clutch bags, phone cases and cushion covers. Inspired by boho-luxe vibes (seen here on my Urban Surfside pinterest board), carrying this clutch is like carrying a little slice of beachy art around the bustling streets of Manchester.

leather look skinnies || Mink Pink
gold & pink sliders || Primark

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