Monday, 4 April 2016

Upper East Eyelash Portfolio Clutch Bag

This new 'Upper East Eyelash' print is served with a side of girlyness and happyness, as Audrey Hepburn famously said 'Happy girls are the prettiest'.
As it's also a monochrome and minimal-esque style print I've decided to keep one for myself . . . all in the name of street style research of course! I love that the back of the bag offers an entirely different look, this one being a hand painted polka dot pattern which again fits seamlessly in with my minimal obsession.

So before I snap it on a day out somewhere I thought I'd share these snaps of the items cluttering up my studio. These light grey heeled pumps from H&M are waiting to be walked out to lunch and were an absolute steal at £14.99.

Rose gold items appear to be scattering themselves around the place too, shop all the items here:

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