Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Wow Accessory || Digitally printed leather iPad sleeves

T H E   J O U R N E Y   O F   A   G I F T
behind the scenes

Selling through Etsy allows you to get to know the customer and also the story behind the purchase they've made. Recently I had two fantastic experiences, the first was helping a 'bride to be' choose a custom phone case and clutch bag for her big day (shop these personalised pieces here and here), the second was a grandfather shopping for an iPad sleeve for his granddaughter's birthday. What a fantastically savvy grandpa shopping on Etsy!

The iPad sleeves are quite an extra special piece of innovative textile design. They are crafted from structured digitally printed leather and have a layer of bonded micro fiber cotton on the inside to cushion your precious device. Customers have been using these sleeves for all sorts of tablets like iPads, kindles & Galaxy tabs.

I decided to photograph the stages of the iPad mini sleeve being parceled up before it was shipped out, they opted for the Serenity print monogram case so the birthday girl could showcase her initials.

Shop digitally printed leather tablet sleeves at the Etsy store here and here
 & at the E-boutique here

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