Monday, 30 March 2015

Rianna X Personal Style

Spring is here! Things to celebrate: 
* No need for thousands of layers
*no longer suffering from frozen ankles at every attempt of wearing cropped skinnies and pumps
*daffodils are sprouting up left, right and center! 

Moving on . . . 
 Unless I officially have to head to a meeting in Manchester or skype a client on the other side of the world I don't tend to get dressed up whilst working in the studio. I could pretend it's all extremely glamorous but we all know it's way comfier in our fave grey marl t-shirt and pair of jeans. So here is a quick photo op from last week. 

The general assortment of objects were needed for a day half spent working on a limited edition collection (sign up to shop it first) and the rest of the day working with 1st year Manchester School of Art students where I lecture one day a week. 

A few collections I'm working on are nearing completion so my iPad & sketchbook are being dragged about with me everywhere, hence the need for the uber sleek digitally printed leather Valetta iPad sleeve. New fabrics are being introduced, adaptations to existing designs are being developed and the e-boutique has slipped into spring mode. There is never a dull day!


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