Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pap Snap Happy || The pics that got away

As my brand is purely online I find myself taking hundreds of photographs a week, to portray the products in the most realistic way possible via my website. I like for customers to feel like they truly understand the fabric, size, texture of the bags and accessories when looking through the product images at the e-boutique.  Because of this process I go through hard drives like there is no tomorrow (memory bits is my go-to site to solve this storage problem) and there are always pictures that sadly don't make the final cut. So here are a few snaps taken recently that were at risk of going unseen. The new pom pom key-chains can be bought singly along with being attached to many of the new Pomtastic collection. 
Monogram phone case orders are coming in thick and fast as the Christmas gift season approaches and as each one is different and adorns an original set of initials I find myself excitedly photographing every single case!

New swing tags :-)

Monogram marble print phone case

Orders being wrapped before heading out to customers :-)

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