Sunday, 6 September 2015

Design Boards || Say What collection

I've never got out of the habit of creating design boards for each print collection I produce. The process that was taught to me during university will be forever stamped on my brain! And I'd have it no other way :-) 
Here are the boards behind the new AW2015-16 collection 'Say What'. The collection took about 3 months to piece together, it was an immediate response to the social media bubble I seem to be engrossed in on a daily basis. Fashion bloggers continue to inspire me with their innovative streetstyle, however tumblr seems to be a new source of inspiration that I have unexpectedly become heavily influenced (and fascinated) by. 
People all around the world 'reblog' images that help them create a lifestyle they aspire to, or sometimes wish they had. Proverbs and phrases become daily motivational pieces of artwork that help us all get through the day! It's a new global lifestyle that seems to be going hand in hand with fashion and personally . . . I love it!

View the Rianna Phillips Tumblr page here:

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